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FM GRUPO, worldwide industrial consortium

FM Grupo is an industrial consortium with a background of over 35 years in the business world and with an international presence in over 55 countries.

History Experience Company

From the 70’s in Barcelona to a worldwide company

The begin of the company goes back to the city of Barcelona at the end of the 70's. At that time, the business activity was focused on selling equipment for livestock throughout the Spanish territory. At the end of the 90's, the company invested in resources and infrastructures in order to initiate an internal manufacturing process that allowed it to sell its own products while expanding the company into the international market.

Nowadays FM is an organisation in constant growth, made up of dynamic group of companies that revolve around three large sectors:

  • Farming Sector
  • Automation Sector
  • Industrial Screw and Bolt Sector

"With over 35 years of business experience we remain firm in our mission: to be constantly evolving, researching and designing new, cutting edge products and services."

35 years of experience reinventing and reinvesting

From the outset we believed that re-investment was fundamental for the continuous development of our activities and that our brand projection started with consolidation in the national market and then continued through international expansion.

We like our work and we are passionate about new business challenges and that's why, year after year, we increase our market share, through continuous product development and opening new business lines.

We still have a way to go, but our business maturity enables us to be very clear about where we are, how we do it and which direction we should take.

“We are pleased to be able to share our success and we are proud to continue, for many years to come, keeping up our constant evolution with growth that is backed by effort and talent that allows us to maintain what has been built and to face new business horizons.”

FM’s companies: farming, automatisms and fastener systems

FM Agropecuario


Embryo and neurological centre of FM. The company’s business activity is the manufacture and sale of products for the pig industry. It has a long history in the international market and currently distributes its products in 85 countries.

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FM Automatismos


The company focuses its business on the sale of automatisms for housing. It has two controller warehouses to supply its products through distribution accounts in Spain, France and in the north of Africa.

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FM Fasteners Systems


An industrial screw, bolt and analogical parts supply company for the metallurgical, automotive, petrol, railway, hydraulic and renewable energies sectors.

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In FM we are in constant evolution, always attentive to the demands of the market, researching and designing new products with which to be at the forefront of the industry because in the end , our mission is to create the trend.